At Hays Automotive Discount Center, our used car options are plentiful and give drivers in Louisville of every budget a chance to find an option that works for them. For those looking for an exceptionally well-priced vehicle, we have our pre-auction selection here for you to view. These offerings provide standout savings, but you should know a few things about them before making a purchase.

For starters, pre-auction specials are used cars, trucks or SUVs that we've marked for auction but before we send them off to auction, they're offered to you with plenty of savings available. Generally they're vehicles we've had on our lot for a long period of time that we might be looking to auction off so they're sent to areas where they might have more appeal or buyers. That's an overview of how the process works, but when you buy a pre-auction vehicle there are two things we must make abundantly clear:

  • The vehicles are sold 100% as is meaning you're buying the vehicle in the condition it is in and explicitly understanding that when you make your purchase
  • There are no implied or expressed warranties with these vehicles which means when you buy you do not receive any coverage from us in the form of service or repair or parts

Knowing this, you can go into the decision and figure out if this path is right for you. Our team is here to help you every step of the way and make sure you're aware of what you're getting. If you think a pre-auction vehicle is right for you, contact us and we can start the process of discussing with you soon!

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